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South Park Pinball TV Video Display Mod

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South Park Pinball TV Video Display Mod

$ 151.00 USD



Bring video to your pinball by adding a South Park Pinball TV Video Display mod to the playfield! This mod from Sparky Pinball displays real video in a miniature TV designed by Toyotaboy and hand painted by Modfather Pinball. The video plays on power up and repeats until power down! 

This product requires the use of the auxiliary power source near the coin door. If this source is in use, a splitter will be required (12v/5v Splitter). See our support article for details.

Note: video and images displayed in this product listing are for purposes of example only; video not included. For more information, check out these video instructions.

The small size (2 3/4 x 2 3/4") of the TV Video Display make installation options easy and allow for a variety of locations to accommodate other mods you may have installed. Finding power for your video display is also a breeze!  Once your video file has been loaded, simply plug and play using Stern's unused plug inside the cabinet near the service box. Installation instructions are included with product shipment.

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