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All of us want to be unique and special. And at Mezel Mods we enable our customers to experience the joy and satisfaction of making their pinball machine collection unique. That's right. We help big kids aka adults enhance and upgrade their pinball machines brining them joy, excitement and oodles of 'I LOVE THIS GAME!' feels. We are toy makers working to make pinball machines even better. Want to help spread #pinballlove?

Tim Mezel Mezel Mods was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2013 by this guy, Tim

Mezel, who wanted to make a donut shop for his pinball machine. Almost 10 years later, we've taken Tim's donut shop idea to a whole new level, operating our very own pinball toy workshop.

What do you love most about working at Mezel Mods?

Fun product line, great 'team' atmosphere, our voices are heard and valued...and also PINBALL MACHINES. I love that I am creating items here in the USA for customers worldwide.

I love the creative freedom for experimentation and the freedom I have over my workday priorities and how I approach tasks.

Job areas

As a small company, you'll get the opportunity to participate in all aspects of toy making but each job has a primary function.

Toy Production

Our toy makes focus on accurate assembly and production of toys using 3D printing, electronic assembly, even painting.

Toy Design

Mockingbird Lane Lamp

Our toy designers use the world under glass of pinball machines to create upgrades and enhancements to the game. From robots, to buildings to flashy lighting upgrades designers do create designs to make pinball machines even more fantastic!

Toy Sales & Fulfillment

Getting our toys into the hands of eager customers helps deliver #pinballlove across the globe. Our coordinators ensure customers receive their pinball toys and successfully complete the installation!

Mezel Mods is an environment where

-We respect each individual and their unique qualities- you get to be yourself!

-We like to laugh, have fun and keep our corner of the pinball world stress free

-Live continuous improvement- every day is an opportunity for a Two Second Improvement (see our You Tube Channel and Blog for examples of our Lean journey)

-Compete to win in the marketplace (aka having the best toys) and with each other to be the fastest or most efficient

Daily Meeting Dog Friendly

-Pets are welcome- our four legged friends are a source of daily joy and humor!

What we Don't Do

Blaming the person isn't how we roll- we ask ourselves how the system has created the circumstances for mistakes to occur. We focus on fixing those circumstances


Our most appreciated award is the 2019 Innovative Manufacturer of the Year Award, from the Southwest regions Manufacturing Extension Program.

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