• Pinhedz Black Ops Bundle
  • Pinhedz Black Ops Bundle


Pinhedz Black Ops Bundle

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Pinhedz Black Ops Bundle

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The Pinhedz Black Ops Bundle includes products for a quick in and out, easy clean. These products are great for a quick clean and wax, in between more thorough, deep cleans. Unlike other cleaners that clean and do not effectively wax, Pinhedz protection products always contain quality carnauba wax, the best option for pinball machines. Bundle includes one 8 oz bottle of Pinhedz Spray and Wipe, one 8 oz bottle One Step Carnauba Wax and one Pinhedz Microfiber. 

The microfiber is a quality 16×16 red microfiber cloth is made exclusively for Pinhedz.  Lint-free and scratch free, this cloth is designed for buffing and wiping down your pinball machine without risk of damage.

The Spray and Wipe 8oz is an easy to use cleaning spray designed to remove surface dirt from a protected playfield, plastics or cabinet. Quickly and easily removed the fine black dust from the playfield and plastics without removing wax. This product also cleans and conditions rubber. Use on pinball machine cabinet to remove dirt and fingerprints. Leaves a barrier to resist future contaminants. Does not contain UV Blockers. 

The One-Step Wax 8oz product provides cleaning and waxing in one application. lt remove ball trails and swirl scratches, leaving behind a layer of Carnauba wax for optimum surface protection. It is quick and easy, without sacrificing quality protection.


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