• Flintstones Pinball Flipper Bat Toppers


Flintstones Pinball Flipper Bat Toppers

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Flintstones Pinball Flipper Bat Toppers

$ 18.00 USD



Trick out your game with the Flintstones Pinball Flipper Bat Toppers! These flipper toppers will help make your game truly unique!
Please note: these toppers are NOT made from decals... but are made from the same high quality 1/16" acrylic plastic (with our new printing process) and heavy duty 3M tape on the back for long lasting play and durability.

This MOD truly makes your playfield come to life and adds depth and character to your plain 'ol designed flipper bats. These come in a set of 3... so a quantity of 1 gets you three flipper toppers- a left, a right an upper flipper bat topper.

NOTE: Our "BAM BAM!" flipper bat toppers are an aftermarket mod and by no means affiliated with any of the above mentioned pinball machines and/or manufacturers.

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