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Pinball Gifts

Pinball gifts for 2022

If you find yourself looking for a unique gift for the pinball aficionado in your life, here are a few suggestions. Our previous Pinball Gift Guides from way back like this one and this one, include some pinball basics like cleaning products, pinballs and tools. This guide adds on to that list with a few game room oriented gifts, stocking stuffers and spendy specials that are sure to please. 

Each recommendation includes a pricing guide 

$ = under $40

$$ = $50-$200

$$$ =  over $200


gameroom favorites

Pinball Patent Blanket $$ 

As we head into the winter months, there is nothing more cozy than a fleece pinball blanket to keep you toasty. The fleece pinball blanket includes mechanical pinball drawings from the original US patents from 1957 by Donald F. McDonald. These fleece blankets are available in three sizes depending on how much cozy you are hoping to achieve. 

The patent drawings are also available on a pillow, tapestry (fancy word for cloth wall hanging) and poster at Red Bubble. Perfect pinball gift for the mechanically oriented pinball fanatic in your life.


Pinball blanket
Stern Pint Glass


Pint glasses $$

While you may be thinking, 'Another pint glass??', this one is worth taking a look at!  This pint glass features a pinball embedded in its side with the Stern logo etched on the front. This is one creative take on the pint glass.

While it requires that extra TLC of handwashing, it will be a conversation piece at any pinball party!


Stranger Things Black Light Posters $$

Flash back to the 80's black light days with a Neflix original Stranger Things poster. These limited run Netflix licensed screen printed poster set by famed pinball artist Dirty Donny Gillies is a great option for the Stranger Things fan on your list. Dirty Donny's pinball artwork includes classics  Metallica and Aerosmith.

Each poster is a screen printed limited run, signed and black light UV activated. Three different poster designs available on a variety of materials from white stock to rainbow foil. 

Available from Dirty Donny's store along with many other unique pieces.

Stranger Things Poster
Pinball Parlor Puzzle


Puzzles $

And my personal favorite gift - the pinball puzzle. There are several pinball puzzles on the market but I think the Pinball Parlor from Toynk is the best pick. 

Featuring back glass images from the 80's through the early 2000's, this puzzle will test your memory of pinball back glasses through the years. At 1,000 pieces, it's perfect to enjoy during the cold winter months. 


Two other puzzle options worth mentioning. First, Pinball Back Glass Puzzles feature a single pinball machine back glass. There are 32 to choose from (primarily pre 80's games) but puzzles are limited to 500 pieces. And second, the Urban Aztec puzzle, available from Stern pinball, features artwork by Jesse Hernandez, is a unique and classy option. 

Big spenders

Replacement Playfield Glass $$$

There is nothing quite like playing the 'world under glass' on a game with upgraded playfield glass. There are several varieties available but our favorite is the Invisiglass brand available from Marco Specialties and other pinball retailers. This non reflective glass will have you trying to reach through and touch the playfield. Its that good! This is the perfect pinball gift as many pinball lovers never invest in upgraded glass. Be sure to check that the game you are buying for doesn't already have upgraded glass.

Stern Insider Connected Upgrade

Stern Insider Connected Upgrade Kit $$$

If you don't have a limited budget, you might consider the Stern Insider Connect upgrade. The Insider Connect makes your game experience more social! Compatible with Stern's most recent LCD games, the add on allows you to track achievements and open challenges and other features not available in the game. And you can create a home team so your entire family can track achievements, and complete challenges together. 

Make sure the game you are buying for is compatible (Stern Spike 2 LCD games) and you purchase the right version (Pro or Prem/LE). 

Stocking stuffers

If you are looking for fun pinball gifts as stocking stuffers, here are a few inexpensive options. 

Tee Shirts $

Always a great option for the pinball lover on your list. The 25 cent retro tee from The Flipper Room is available in a variety of colors and styles depending upon your budget.  A feel good shirt from a great family owned company in California. 

The Attack Back shirt is a classic twist on the treasured Attack from Mars pinball machine. This Soft Plunge branded shirt features the heroine conquring the martians threatening the world. Bonus on this shirt- its glow in the dark.  

Merch by your pinball afficiando's favorite company is also a great add- tee shirts from Jersey Jack Pinball, for example, make a great gift.

25 Cent Retro Tee Shirt from the Flipper Room
Attack Back shirt from Soft Plunge
Jersey Jack Pinball Shirt


Key Chains & Night Lights $

A simple and meaningful gift are these key chains made from upcycled pinball machine parts that were headed to the landfill. These key chains are assembled from old coin slot covers and feature game pricing.

Retro night lights are also a great option for inexpensive gifts. Tilt's night lights are craftily made using old pinball pop bumper tops which vary in styles and designs. 

These classics by Tilt Cycle are a great feel good gift! They make our gift guide almost every year!

Tilt Cycle Pinball Shop

pinball holiday decorations

Rounding off our list of great pinball gifts are tree ornaments. These gifts will bring joy every year they are taken out. My absolute favorite used to be this figurine of Santa playing pinball. Since it isn't widely available any longer, these options are the next best thing! 

Pinball Wonder Magic

If you can get your hands on this 1996 Hallmark Pinball Wonder Magic, do it! This ornament plugs into holiday tree lights and flickers. It's a Hallmark Keepsake that is worth picking up for the pinball fanatic. 

You might find it on eBay, or obscure shopping site! And if you don't a quick search for pinball ornaments on eBay will reveal some great options.

Another less expensive option are these simple holiday ornaments from Stern. These would make a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift.

Hope you find these gifts helpful in shopping for the sometimes hard to please pinball lover on your list. Let us know if you find any of these useful or have even better suggestions!


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