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Pinball Modding is Growing Up

Pinball Modding is Growing Up

This article is an excerpt from the original article, written by Paul Rubins published by Pavlov Pinball. 

The pinball mod-making scene has quietly been radically transforming itself over the last twelve months or so. 

It’s beginning to evolve from a bunch of creative enthusiasts making cool things in their garage workshops and on kitchen tables into something that operates on a much more businesslike footing.

And nothing exemplifies this better than Albuquerque-based mod-making company Mezel Mods. Boss Tim Mezel started in 2013 by messing about with sheets of plastic in an ill-fated attempt to make a Donut Heaven mod for his Getaway.

Fast forward to 2015 and Mezel Mods has moved into a 1500 square foot manufacturing facility, bought a second 3D printing machine, and employs Mezel and wife Kristin Browning-Mezel, plus a 3D designer and manufacturing person full-time. Mezel’s son Zac also works part-time for the business.

Perhaps the biggest transformation for Mezel Mods, and the modding scene in general, is that the company now makes official licensed mods for Stern.

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