Easy and inexpensive: AC/DC train LED mod

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If you've already dropped $5k on a brand new machine, it is hard to justify dropping much more on modifications.  Yet there are no shortage of $100 mods available- toppers, LED speakers, undercab lighting.  You can easily tack on another $500 to that machine price tag and only add about 3 mods. So what can you do on the cheap?

Here is a simple DIY idea to bring more light to the train. It is a dark area of the machine, even with the light on the front of the machine.  To create this mod you need the following:

  • 1 blue three light strip of LEDs (widely available these days)
  • 1 foot of wire
  • 2 alligator clips
  • double sided tape

Simply solder the LED strip to one end of the wire and the alligator clips to the other and bam, there you have it.  

Install the clips to the train flasher under the playfield and attach the LED to the back of the left cannon diverter (see photo, left).

We recommend using a strip of additional double sided tape as the self-adhesive on the LED strips are not very effective. 

Tim added this to our new AC/DC Premium and here are the results (see photo below)- a subtle but effective improvement to the look of the train. Not every mod has to be expensive, nor does it have to jump out and grab you.  Sometimes the very best mods are those that subtly improve the look, feel or play of the game without being obvious.

AC/DC Train LED Mod

 What are your favorite easy and inexpensive DIY AC/DC mods?

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