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A new cabinet lighting kit?! Why?

Why do I need a new pinball lighting kit?

Innovation, new technology, it's so darn cool!

Our pinball cabinet lighting kits, 2.0

We are not the first on the block to realize the potential of new LED technology. Pinball is on fire with mod and accessory companies offering all sorts of new products using neon, addressable LEDs, and more. But we've been waiting, patiently, for the right moment and situation to appear- and, well, it's here! Recently, PinWoofer, a provider of high-quality pinball speaker upgrades, approached us to collaborate on bringing a suite of new cabinet lighting products to market. Fantastic, we said! Let’s do it!  

Addressable LED Technology

The idea was simple- make the newest strip LED technology available in a high-quality format for speakers and outside the pinball cabinet lighting. The use of addressable LEDs, abbreviated ARGB, allows each individual LED to be controlled. So imagine the light show you can create when lights go off in a 'fire pattern' or continuously 'rolling' while changing colors. This creates far more dynamic light shows.  

Integrated Hub System

Unlike our previous kits, these kits integrate with other lighting elements- speakers, backbox, and under cabinet. Hell ya! As a result, we are offering the PixlWav System (in partnership with PinWoofer). This Hub system allows you to integrate these elements into one controller and connection point.

Rest assured, the kit does not use Stern’s node boards for power so you can safely rock this lighting on your favorite game.

And we are conducting testing on other aftermarket rectangular light kits for use with our kit! Exciting, right?  

Lastly, we have a version of the kit that works interactively on Stern's Expression Lighting™. This means the kit mimics the activity of the expression lighting! 

Forward Facing LED Rings

Let’s start with those 5.25” Speaker Rings. Yowza are you going to love these! These beautiful speaker rings use forward-facing LEDs which are surface mounted (for us non-techies, this means they are mounted on a board in the shape of a ring). This transforms the light show by pointing it right at the player! 

But even better, the rings are mounted with a polycarbonate diffuser ring. This creates a crisp, detailed, and beautiful light show. Different from inward-facing kits, you won’t see the LEDs either!

More Cabinet LEDs, Better Mounting

We are also pumping up the quality of the cabinet lighting itself. Our normal kits include 50cm of LEDs while these will include 80cm (19” vs 30”). Our lighting kit will continue to be mounted in a high-quality aluminum channel which protects and helps diffuse heat from the LEDs along with a clear diffuser. Lastly, we’ve improved the mounting for both the backbox and the undercabinet. Each under cabinet channel will include low-profile screws and brackets that will allow you to easily remove the under cabinet when moving. Each backbox light will ship with magnetic mounts making removal a breeze. Say goodbye to LEDs taped to the outside of your game! As of today, these kits are compatible with Stern’s Spike 2 games

We've launched two styles of kits- Dynamic Lighting and Expression Lighting compatible. For more on the requirements for each kit along with a side-by-side comparison of the differences, check out this matrix.

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