• Funhouse Pinball Mirrored Billboard


Funhouse Pinball Mirrored Billboard

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Funhouse Pinball Mirrored Billboard

$ 27.50 USD



Upgrade your Funhouse Pinball Machine with the Mirrored Billboard reproduction! This product is made from enhanced acrylic mirrored plastic. You simply remove your old scratched up billboard sign and replace it with our new laser etched version. Easy install with TONS of benefits:

  • Some of the reproduction mirrors are screen printed and don't look like the original mirror at all. However, with our version you'll get the look of the original mirror billboard.
  • Some reproductions (along with the original mirror) simply have the wording placed over the top of the mirror, which depending on the angle that you're looking at your mirror... the wording is "blurry". However, our mirror is laser etched into the the actual plastic so there is NO blurry wording at any angle.
  • The lettering on our billboard is a tad bigger and has thicker lettering which helps the player see the billboard and know which award is lit a bit easier than the original mirror and other reproductions currently being made.

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