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Ninja Premium Pinball

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Ninja Premium Pinball

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Considered the shiniest and most finely polished pinball in the world, the Ninja Premium Pinball is solid chrome, standard size/weight pinball that has been hardened and shined to an unprecedented mirror finish. The Ninja Premium pinball is not only the shiniest but will last longer before going dull than any other ball. Note: this is a plain pinball; it does not have the word 'Ninja' on the ball.

The Ninja pinball is 1-1/16″ and weighs 2.8 oz. NOTE: Some players report that certain games that use magnets that rapidly move the ball back and forth over the magnet (i.e. Dialed In, some modern Stern games) can cause chrome pinballs, including the Ninja ball to become magnetized over time, possibly leading to balls sticking together. This does not happen suddenly but over 100+ games. Many buyers have had no issues with the chrome balls in most magnetic games, but longevity may vary.

Balls are shipped with a thin oil coating and require cleaning in Isopropyl Alcohol and polishing with a dry cloth or an old cotton t-shirt.

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