Road Show Pinball Mods

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Don't let the construction get in the way of upgrading your Road Show pinball machine!
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  • Road Show Pinball Topper


    Road Show Pinball Topper

    $ 234.00 USD
    Made To Order
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  • Danger Zone Flipper Bat Toppers


    Danger Zone Flipper Bat Toppers

    $ 18.00 USD
    Stock très faible (1 unité)
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  • Lermods

    Road Show Pinball Trough Lighting Kit

    $ 19.50 USD
    Made To Order
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  • Cabinet Lighting
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  • Lermods

    Road Show Pinball Back Board Lighting Kit

    $ 29.50 USD
    Made To Order
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They go above and beyond to make sure their customer is satisfied

Brian Rose

United States

Love Mezel mods. Love shopping here. Great products, prices and customer service. Also fast shipping

Anthony Fatori

We love Mezel Mods! Love the quality products and great prices.

Darren Yates

United States

A1+ Always Excellent

Jose Houle


Frequently Asked Questions


How hard is it to install pinball mods?

Pinball mods vary in installation difficulty. We recommend reviewing the installation information prior to purchase to ensure preparedness. A link to the product installation information is accessible from the product page. Additional questions can be submitted via our support contact.

Manufacturer: Williams Pinball Game System: WPC