Brexit and Pinball Mods: A Silver Lining

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Brexit and Pinball Mods: A Silver Lining

While 2020 has been a windfall for online retailers (including pinball), US e-retailers faced a change to the requirements for selling to the UK and the EU. To the surprise of many, November 12th 2020 brought the EU's implementation of a 25% tariff on US imports, including, pinball parts. Together, these changes have changed not only how US companies approach these markets but customers willingness to import from the US. 

The UK exit from the EU which had been on the horizon for several years finally became a reality effective 2021. The controversial change ushers in a new world for buyers in the UK seeking to import products from outside the country. While this means increased complications for exporters attempting to sell to the UK, Mezel Mods customers need not be concerned!

Pinball Bazaar

We are excited to announce a new, more convenient way for UK pinball enthusiasts to get their fix of pinball mods. Now UK customers can find their favorite Mezel Mods at Pinball Bazaar. Our goal is to ensure products are available for all new releases in addition providing a steady stream products for previous titles. 

But local availability isn't the only benefit of this new partnership. Many small US manufacturers are rethinking exporting to the UK due to complicated tax payment requirements. As a result, you may find your favorite pinball websites will no longer sell into the UK. Pinball Bazaar is keeping 'the doors open' for many US pinball products to continue to be available in the UK. And we hope that through this partnership we continue to grow the passion and excitement of pinball with our friends across the pond.

We recognize that this is going to be a change- and change means some things customers have grown to count on, may not be available. For example, not all the products in our collections may be available from Pinball Bazaar. No need for despair! If you find that treasured, must have product on our site is not available at Pinball Bazaar, reach out and make your product requests and interests known. Because frequent shipments into the UK are planned, its possible your request can be considered for an upcoming import. We also know it means we won't be in regular contact with many of our UK mates. We promise not to be a stranger, as long as you do too! Pinball brings us together for a variety of reasons and we look forward to the new opportunities that this change will provide. 

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