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Pinball Playfield Protectors- Star Wars

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Pinball Playfield Protectors- Star Wars

$ 100.00 USD $ 140.00 USD



Ships flat! Playfield protector is suitable for Star Wars Pro, Premium and LE models for maximum protection and long-term value of the playfield. 
  • Protection and value for the field
  • Identical play behavior
  • Precise ball running
  • High pass accuracy
  • Particularly scratch-resistant material
  • Maximum light transmission for high color fidelity
  • Laser cut
  • Protection of the edges of the playing field in the area of the ball box
  • Excellent cleaning and polishing
  • Easy to remove (only placed on the playing field, not glued)
  • Developed by PINBALL UNIVERSE in collaboration with tournament players
  • Protective film on both sides (must be removed before assembly)
Installation requires for both tools and experience as well as experience in pinball machines. There are some disassembly and readjustments required because the Playfield Shield goes very close to all edges and parts. As a result, the protection is maximized and at the same time, the protector is not recognizable at first sight.

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