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Indiana Jones Pinball Video Display

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Indiana Jones Pinball Video Display

$ 141.00 USD



Bring the dimension of video to your game with the Indiana Jones Pinball Video Display Mod from Sparky Pinball! This mod from Sparky Pinball displays real video in a miniature displayThe video plays on power-up and repeats until power down! 

The Stern version of this product requires the use of the auxiliary power source near the coin door. If this source is in use, a splitter will be required (12v/5v Splitter). See our support article for details.

The Data East version of this product requires the use of a 5v power tap (included). If you already have a power adapter, please contact us. 

The small display size (2 3/4 x 2 1/8") of the Video Display makes installation options easy and allows for a variety of locations to accommodate other mods you may have installed. Installation instructions included with product shipment.

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