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Radioactive PinGulp Decal

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Radioactive PinGulp Decal

$ 5.00 USD



Top off your beverage holder with the Radioactive PinGulp Decal! This outline of the radiation symbol image is perfect for your TNA, Judge Dredd or Ghostbusters Pinball machine. Decal is made of durable yellow vinyl and measures approximately 3"x 3" in size and fits and fits the PinGulp Pro and Premium Beverage Caddie and magnetic Pincup holders. PinGulp Pro shown in the photo.

About the PinGulp. This unique cup holder mounts to your pinball machine using its own leg bolts. The metal bracket bends the beverage caddy around the corner to the side of the machine where it cannot be bumped, yet is easily accessible to the user.

Pro versions are matte finish. Premium versions are glossy finish and include the ability to remove the cup holder from your game in 3-seconds. Premium versions also include condensation drainage openings and removable mug handle insert piece.

Choose between PinGulp Pro and PinGulp Premium styles.

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